Chromaticon's website design process begins with background research of your company or organization's specialty area. We familiarize ourselves with your activities, history and potential.

From this we start to develop a list of web-activities that can be undertaken profitably by you.

This includes examining competitors' and similar websites or services all of which help in assessing the desired target audience.

Determining who will be accessing the website is a crucial stage in the design process.

What your audience will value on your site and how they prefer to use the internet are important issues. We can set up focus groups which represent your core audiences. The information we obtain will be the basis for decisions about your site

We look at what you want to tell site visitors, what visitors will be interested in, and then develop a content outline which incorporates both.

We have considerable experience in transforming raw content into medium-specific information.

After a preliminary assessment of your web-hosting requirements, we will source a service provider or work with your existing provider to establish a setup that will work for you.

Each situation is a little different and the capabilities needed for different tasks database searches, e-commerce, dynamic content will determine what service you need.

Chromaticon presents a report of findings which provides a solid foundation for your website.

You can discuss this report and approve the directions we recommend before we begin to develop the sebsite giving you an important role in the development process.